These are the the guidelines and the information for who is interested to know more about us, or for who wants to contribute in some forms to sustaining of this website.

Artists and works selection

We we are interested to listen to new material, but right now our release schedule is full. if you wanna send us please use the dropdox trough SoundCloud.

Send me your track

The selections of artists and works are made based on the proposed contents, that have to be in line with our taste and our aesthetics, we ask you therefore to listen first to the present publications in our catalog before deciding to send us material.

Software Developement

Another sphere in which Chew-Z wants to be a careful observer and promoter is the development of software audio.

We are interested in meeting developers that work in open source or freeware software that want to propose applications about software audio. A section devoted to these projects is in preparation.

Rights, accords for collaboration and exclusivity

For our attitude we don't want to collaborate with entities that gain on the art from taxes and in exchange don't offer any service useful to us.

We use the support of Creative Commons to have partial guardianship of our publications, nevertheless, the material published on the site is owned by the respective authors, we ask you to register it through Creative Commons, and to send us the link of the registration, before surrendering us temporary use.

If authors have particular necessity, we will appraise a specific accord on demand. For the publications of physical support (cd, cdr, etc.) we ask the author a temporary transfer of the rights on the material for the publication.

The costs of the press are at our expense and the author can ask for a number of copies that he will buy from us at production cost.

We also ask that if a title is edited by Chew-Z it will not be released in any other forms or under any other contract, except by co-productions with other labels, so this rule cannot be applied. In the case of a publication, released in an a form that violates this accord, such material will no longer be available inside our digital catalogue. If the material, published in digital form, has also been printed, the title will remain on the catalogue till its exhaustion.

In the case of sale, we ask that the author sells his own copies at the same price adopted by the website. The prices for the physical supports will be of two types: price for distributor or for direct resale as merchandise during events and gigs and price through online sale or through consignment.

We ask the listeners and everyone that wants to re-use some materials published on our website, to respect the characteristics of the Creative Commons license that we’ve adopted.

This is the legal code of the CC License: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported.
We invite you to contact us if you’re going to re-use some stuff, because we prefer human contact rather than a simple link…

Creative Commonsis a no-profit association, founded in the U.S. in 2001 to make copyright more flexible. The main proposal of Creative Commons consists on Creative Commons Public Licenses (CCPL), six licenses of the copyright, free and freely usable from whoever, based on the principle of “some rights reserved”. The CCPL make simple to advise in a clear way that the re-use, the diffusion and the circulation of the work is expressly permitted in particular conditions.

Donations, sponsors and publicity

Whoever is interested in contributing through donation of funds, sponsorships or publicity will be welcome. Right now we don't have rates to publish ads, if the occasion will happen, specific accords will be taken.


The maintenance of the website, the communications, the consignments of material, the press of the CD, the phone calls, the time employed by the organizers, are all expenses of this activity.
Chew-Z's main target is not marketing or money, but as already confirmed is a space to give visibility and support to the music.
It is obvious that none of us is interested in spending without having an economic return, but we consider ourselves honest people and we want to work to only with other honest people. We ask everybody to understand our efforts in this sense.

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Translations by Paul Beauchamp.

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